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Tired of listing strategies like bus benches , mail outs, or social media advertising but still not seeing the desired results?

You are not alone. Many realtors face these challenges and struggle to get listings effectively.

Some realtors don't even have a listing strategy!

Do You...👇👇

  • ​Waste time with non motivated buyers​

  • Want to focus on getting more listings but don't know how?​

  • Struggle to close a listing appointment?

Struggling to find your next listing?

  • ​Tried mail-outs, but no one calls back

  • Bought leads, but they turned out to be unqualified or uninterested

  • Struggle to grab homeowner's attention, despite knocking on doors or prospecting

And After Doing This For Over 13 Years... I understand what it feels like to be stressed when your best efforts don't pay off!

So Who Am I To Tell You All This?

Hey I'm Denise Mai and I grew up in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver with a single mom on welfare, and faced many challenges. I worked hard to create a better future for myself, becoming a top 1% agent, and I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had along the way.

Through my experiences, I've learned valuable lessons that I'm passionate about sharing with others. I've had the privilege of speaking at TEDx events and writing books, but what's most important to me is giving back to my community.

I support charitable causes and initiatives that help those in need, and I'm committed to helping others achieve their highest potential through my work at Mai Real Estate Group.

I'm honored to be a part of both the business and philanthropic communities, and I hope to continue making a positive impact in the world.

I had the incredible opportunity to interview on stage with the CEO of Exp, Glenn Sanford, in front of 7,000 agents in Las Vegas. It was an honor to be selected as a representative of the company, as I have built an organization of over 230 agents and have become a leader within the community.

This experience has taught me the importance of hard work and dedication, and I'm grateful for the chance to share my insights and knowledge with others. I remain committed to helping my team achieve their highest potential, and to contributing to the growth and success of Exp.

I had the honor of speaking at TEDx on the topic of resilience, which is crucial for happiness, success, and even survival. My talk focused on what it truly means to be resilient, and how we can cultivate this skill as a superpower in our lives.

It was an incredible experience to share my insights and knowledge with the audience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to inspire others to build resilience in their own lives. I hope that my talk will encourage others to embrace challenges and obstacles as opportunities for growth, and to approach life with a greater sense of resilience and strength.

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve - Napoleon Hill

Here Are The Steps To Become A Master At Getting Listing Appointments

Step 1: Lead Generation/Set Appointment

Generating leads and setting appointments is the first step in getting listings. We'll show you how to do this effectively and efficiently.

Step 2: Qualifying Potential Clients

We'll teach you how to predetermine seller leads with the purpose of finding motivated sellers that you can help. This will save you time and effort and increase your chances of success.

Step 3: Establishing Credibility

Building trust and credibility with clients is key to success in the real estate industry. We'll show you how to do this subtly and effectively, so that clients have already bought into you before going into the listing presentation.

Step 4: Ensuring Client Engagement

Effectively build rapport with your potential clients and so that when you give your listing presentation, its all smooth sailing. This is the time to flush out any objections.

Step 5: Ace Your Listing Presentation

We'll provide you with a proven listing presentation template that wows potential clients and convinces them to work with you, so you can close more deals and grow your business with confidence and ease.

Bonus Gift:

Bonus Step: Close a listing our proven script. We'll show you how to quickly and effectively communicate your value proposition to potential clients, so you can close deals faster and with less effort.